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The LPDfi Gate

Effortless Liquidity Management on LPDfi Protocols

For Degen

Maximize Your Earnings, Effortlessly in LPDfi Era

LPDfi boosts earnings for liquidity providers. Orange's automation simplifies access and management for users.

Single Asset Deposit

You no longer need to prepare both assets! Orange supports deposits on one side

Auto Liquidity Management

Range control by volatility and auto-rebalancing by off-chain bot enables flexible liquidity management.

Delta Hedge

Hedging is important in LPDfi activities that make LPs more HIGH RISK/RETURN!

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For LPDfi Protocol

Facilitate Liquidity Flow from AMM to LPDfi

Indirect liquidity via LPDfi stabilizes AMMs. Orange's strategy eases liquidity shifts, enhancing the ecosystem.

Simplificate LPDfi experience

We simplify and redefine the LP experience, integrating with LPDfi protocols.

Tailor‐made strategy

We implement automated strategies that are specifically tailored to the needs of LPDfi protocols.

One Platform for LPDfi

We serve as a comprehensive hub for LPDfi protocols, offering smart contract-level integration.

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What's LPDfi?

LPDfi protocol, utilizing DEXs such as Uniswap, enables the minting and trading of derivatives, futures, and options, 24/7 without relying on any counterparties like brokerage firms or market makers.

No Counterparty Risk
Permissionless and Non-Custodial
Higher Returns for Liquidity Providers
Flexible Design in protocol leveraging DEX

Partnered with best
LPDfi and AMMs

Secured by Top

WATCHPUG is a security team that offers in-depth auditing for Solidity smart contracts, ranked#1 at Sherlock & Code4rena.

Zokyo is a cybersecurity company that excels in conducting comprehensive smart contract security reviews and penetration tests designed for blockchain and Web3 projects.

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Introducing the Stryke Vault

Today, we’re glad to announce that the LPDfi Vault on Stryke (Formerly Dopex) is Live on Arbitrum.With the Stryke Vault, we implement automated strategies that are specifically tailored for LPers to maximize the Arbitrum STIP rewards on Stryke. These strategies simplify and redefine the LP experience and integrate seamlessly with LPDfi protocols.

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Orange Finance: The LPDfi Gate - Effortless Liquidity Management on LPDfi protocols

In the dynamic realm of DeFi, liquidity reigns supreme – it is the lifeblood that fuels the ecosystem. Deep liquidity is essential for DEXes to facilitate smooth trading activities, minimize slippage, and enhance user experience.

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